Qwani is an initiative by the youth, for the youth, and targeted towards the youth.It is an anthology that describes what it feels like to be young.

As the youth, we are shouting out for our issues to be heard, yet the silence is oh-so deafening. We struggle to live in a society where the times change, yet the norms are in. Hence, we decided to tell the story of the lives of the youth in 65 different ways, from musings on love and heartbreak, to stories on complications in forming meaningful relationships with each other and ourselves, to satires on the state of nature. We bring you into the mind of a student commuting to an unpaid internship, transitioning into a young man contemplating parenting struggles. The intense emotion of a girl mourning her grandmother's death is aligned with that girl mourning the death of a relationship. We make you experience the excitement of a boy musing about the possibility of time travel juxtaposed with the fear another feels as he sits and stares at the cell wall after his first arrest. These experiences may seem parallel, but they still foster a resonant frequency.

Qwani was written to entertain, educate and inform. It describes the highs and lows of familial relationships, the struggle of staying alive when everything is trying to kill your spirit, and the dilemmas of social interactions. The book is about the flood of raw unexpressed emotions that we foster, with burning indignation experienced from consistently being invalidated. We are lost and scared but hopeful and joyful, as that is the human condition.

Qwani is the voice of the youth. The youth will speak their minds, even when their voices shake or their truths will be harsh. Qwani is a book about expression and the quest for radical acceptance. We hope the book will give the youth space to voice their societal issues.