Meet the Team

Keith Ang'ana

Executive Director

A full-time tourist and a part-time mjengo connoswa. I usually write on Philosophy, Science and Art in a way that will be interesting to everyone. Besides that, I'm also looking into creating Sheng' literature. Find me inside a cave or under a waterfall learning the new lingo.

Edwin Okeyo

Copy Editor

I am a huge fan of football and rugby. Most times I'll write about things that have happened to me and other times I'll imagine stories that could happen to a caring young man like me. I also love Swahili cuisine.

Sinatra Chumo


Sinatra is a visual artist and illustrator, skilled in a variety of disciplines that he utilizes as mediums to translate and bring to life different themes and necessary narratives, especially African narratives that aren't talked about enough. Tap in and let a visionary vibrate

Mark Murimiri

Marketing Officer

I am a Medical Student at The University of Nairobi. I have always had an interest in outer space and scientific history and discoveries. I enjoy gaming, reading, watching Motorsports and hiking in my down time. I believe young writers, together, are the future.

Naomi Nyakinyua

Communications Manager

Nyakinyua is a soul that finds delight and optimism in life and her community. Giving meaning to words through connecting them and making a sentence, paragraph and now book out of them is what I call one of my passions. I am an expansive writer, still finding my niche but so far, I am glad I took a leap to learn and to write. Way to my heart is m&m chocolates. Buy me those and you have my attention. Grateful to God for Qwani! Enjoy the read(s)

Joseph Kambai

Distributions Officer

Kambai is a young adult who works at an electronics shop, repairing phones which have been broken as much as his heart has, by his previous lovers, giving them the tender loving care he felt he also deserved. Otherwise, he enjoys catching sunsets, stargazing, and capturing all beautiful moments on camera.

Natasha Muhanji

Website Manager | Editor

Natasha has always been greatly fascinated by life’s extremities and limits ; always on a search for the unconventional. With features on various platforms, Qwani being one of them, her work often explores the relationship between the extremes of human emotion and the absurdity of life’s experiences in different degrees with diverse influences in the literature world. She enjoys gaming and when she is not reading or writing, you will find her on Discord with her friends.  

Danroy Mwangi

IT Specialist

In the realm of IT and Tech Support, Danroy is a creative problem solver with a passion for critical thinking. He thrives on challenges, and his expertise goes beyond technical troubleshooting.
Timeliness andかいぜん are values he deeply embraces. Beyond the tech world, he is an Al enthusiast and developer, constantly exploring the frontiers of artificial intelligence. He is also an aficionado of puns, a filmmaker, a graphics designer, and a philosophy stan. He aspires to further develop his unique blend of skills and foster a culture of creativity and ingenuity in his work