Qwani Book 1 - Front Cover

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by Qwani

Published April 1, 2023

The book starts with Museo explaining the issue of non-consensual sex from a female perspective. Following that story, Kiunguyu and Marion break up with their lovers.

Ang'ana then breaks us down into atomic particles and explains how we can Teleport in this version of ourselves.

Dave Nguyai reflects how life could be Meaningless while Naomi asks herself who she really is, and as a result, Kambai decides to take one last Walk before his Death.

Spartoo seems to watch all 3 of them from a distance, as he captures it all in Clouds. Shane, optimistic as he is, tells them that it isn't the Time to Die.

Jazz talks about how her heart Aches for love, before Muinde teaches her about Love Languages and Gifting. Mark recruits curious people Who want to be Astronomers so that he can show them what is at the Center of the Universe.

Wayne takes this chance to tell us why you should all listen to Jika by Mi Casa. Wangareeh tells us of The last days of her grandmother, which makes Nyachihi break the stereotype of men being the head of the family, a surprising confession which makes Dendrick question whether The World is an Illusion.

We take a trip down to Mombasa, where we meet our friend Kingsley Taabu as he sips his beer, together with Ed who is already Drunk. Dennis is also drinking beer so as to see how it feels, but Andrew explains that what he'll feel isn't real, but a Simulacra.

Anisa beautifully narrates about two lovers, which causes Okeyo to Keep the Baby.

Both Natashas and Anissa tell us of their thoughts on their bodies as they wash themselves and look into the mirror. Amanda animates the conversation she had with a cat, depressing as it is, that Wachira tells us of the subsequent thoughts In the dead of the Night.

Stephanie comes forward on behalf of the BeyHive to talk about Beyonce's latest album, while Martin, on behalf of the beach boys, gives a review on the Sandman.It all ends with Ang'ana arrested and lying in the police cells.